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MPS obtains official license as payment institution.

June 25, 2024 - Download as a PDF

Belgian payment provider maximizes international growth potential

Oudenaarde, 25 June 2024 - Belgian payment provider MPS (Mobile Payment Solutions) has officially achieved licensed payment institution status. This is an important milestone for the fintech scale-up, which now joins the select network of authorized payment institutes.

Validation and reliability

This license is an essential validation of MPS' projects and recognizes the value and reliability of their services. "The license opens important doors and allows us to take the next step in our growth trajectory," said Jan Harboort, CEO of MPS. "It allows us to continue our expansion within the European Economic and Monetary Union, which has been a key objective from day one."

Long-term and intensive process

In Belgium, only a handful of companies have this license. Obtaining it is the result of a long and intensive process, during which MPS was evaluated and audited on several topics. This thorough preparation contributed to the company's confidence and credibility within the industry.

"Thanks to this license, we can achieve an important objective: our expansion within EMU."

-  Jan Harboort, CEO Mobile Payment Solutions

"We see this as a milestone," Harboort continues. "It marks an important step in our growth as a scale-up. Thanks to this license, we have the tools to step up a gear."

The license confirms that MPS meets the high standards and regulations required for payment institutions, and provides a solid foundation for further expansion and collaborations within the EMU.

About MPS

MPS is an innovative Belgian payment provider offering reliable and efficient payment solutions. One of their flagships are the green Waow-terminals, which are currently at more than 600 merchants and on which 135,000 consumers rely every day.

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