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Green payment terminal gives at least 2% discount on every purchase

December 9, 2021

Customers and traders save with a digital solution from Waow

Brakel, 9 December 2021 – The green Waow terminal aims to cause a storm on the payment landscape. The MPS (Mobile Payment Solutions) team has been quietly working on the system for the past few years. Now they’re ready to permanently reimagine the evolving payments landscape and deliver continuous savings to customers. 

Win Forever

Entrepreneur Jan Harboort is the driving force behind Waow. He and his team have now distributed their eye-catching green terminals to more than 250 local traders. Consumers at these locations can simply pay in the same way as they would with a classic payment terminal, only they immediately receive a 2% discount on their purchase.

KV Oostende

The Waow team also managed to bring in a big name. Football fans of KV Oostende can now pay via the Waow terminal at their “global team”. The West Flemish football team is one of the very first customers to have integrated the Waow concept within their network.

“Waow is a win forever. We give every customer at least a 2% discount with a Waow payment.”

-  Jan Harboort, CEO Woaw

“A win-forever, so to speak. As life seems to be getting more and more expensive, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to save without extra effort: it has to be easy and immediate,” Harboort begins his story. “Waow helps them with that. When someone puts their registered bank card in a Waow terminal, they get at least 2% discount on their purchase.”

An experienced team

This is not Harboort’s first rodeo by the way. Even though he has been working on this payment solution in recent years, he has been present at the conception of several successful companies. “We have built up a lot of experience, and are therefore convinced we can really break ground with Waow. Winning both customers and traders… that’s great, isn’t it?” he smiles proudly.

A plus for retailers

“Waow believes it is important that users can enjoy the benefits and not have to pay extra for executing and receiving transactions,” Harboort continues. “Waow is therefore free for users. The participating local traders enjoy numerous benefits and are relieved of the transaction costs on the Waow transactions. Another Win Forever!”

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