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Belgian payment provider MPS raises 4 million euros in first capital round

January 13, 2022

MPS quadruples capital through shareholder confidence

Brakel, January 21, 2022 - Mobile Payment Solu9ons is off to a flying start this year. The company behind the green payment terminals raised an addi9onal 4 million euros in its very first capital round. This brings the total capital of the company to 5.5 million euros.

Internal trust

Mobile Payment Solutions' new capital comes from its current structure. "This internal capital round is the result of the high confidence that our various shareholders have in MPS," CEO Jan Harboort begins his story. "They believe in the multi-faceted story and in this way contribute directly to the growth and further development of the company and its sub- brands.”

Ambitious growth plans funded

The new capital will be deployed on 3 different pillars: growth, development and staffing. "We are at a crucial point, growing from start-up to scale-up. The expansion of our team is therefore one of our focus points in 2022," adds Jan Harboort.

"The internal confidence of our shareholders ensures that we can focus on growth, development and staffing in 2022."

-  Jan Harboort, CEO Mobile Payment Solutions

"In addition, the further development of our solutions is a second accelerator for growth. MPS' products have already been validated by various merchants and consumers. Now we can start refining and expanding these solutions," he completes.

Ensuring the future

The best known brand powered by Mobile Payment Solutions is the green Waow terminal, which give consumers an immediate 2% discount on their purchase. Nevertheless, the scale- up has ambitious growth plans. "We are finalizing the application file for an EMI license with the NBB and want to roll out our PAGD (split-transit) payment story this year," concludes Jan Harboort.

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